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Beaches in Nassau

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

📍Where in the world is Déja? 🌎✨ — Nassau, Bahamas 🇧🇸

I LOVE BEACHES! Literally every tropical destination I travel to must include some time spent at the beach. The sounds of the waves are so relaxing, the color of the water is so beautiful — how could you not like the beach?? Anywho, Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, is home to about 70% of the entire Bahamian population and is a very popular vacation destination. Though many days are filled with tourists, you can definitely get a taste of authentic Bahamian food, culture, and history in Nassau. If you haven’t been out of the US yet, I think the Bahamas is a great first international experience (& I might be biased because it was MY first international experience, but that’s ok lol). And even better: you don’t need a passport to visit (*only if you go on a cruise*) and sooo many affordable cruise options stop in Nassau! [P.S. Is it my sister or my mom? The world may never know]— Where was your first international trip? Or where do you want your first international trip to be?

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