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All About Deja


Name: Deja

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Education: BA, Computer Science + Sociology

Occupation: Supply Chain IT Business Analyst

Longest Plane Ride: 14 hours

First Solo Trip: Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Favorite Way to Travel: Plan

Favorite Thing About Traveling: Learning about different cultures

Favorite Thing to Do while Traveling: Search for nice views

Favorite City in the US: Chicago (the best one, duh!)

Favorite State in the US: Florida

Favorite Country Visited: Australia

Favorite Country in Europe: Luxembourg

Favorite Country in Central America: Costa Rica

Favorite Caribbean Island: Curacao

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: Rainbow Sherbet

Favorite Thing to Do in Spare Time: Look for flight deals

Favorite Podcast: The Grand Scheme of Thing Pod (TGSOT)

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