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  • Why book with TGSOTravel?
    Click here to read 5 reasons you should book with us.
  • What is the Consultation Fee?
    When you fill out your Assessment Form, I will review your responses. During this 30-minute call, I will advise you on trip options, cost of service, and available add-ons based. With more than 5+ years of travel planning, you are also receiving a level of expertise that you may not have yourself - thus, the consultation call costs.
  • Why is there a Consultation Fee?
    The Consultation Fee compensates me for the time I spend doing initial research based on your Assessment Form response. With more than 5+ years of travel planning experience, you are also receiving a level of expertise that you may not have yourself and estimates for airline/lodging prices that may not be available to the general public It is no strings attached, and does not require you to book with TGSOTravel.
  • How Much do Travel Planning Services Cost?
    There are a number of different a la carte options and full-packages based on your needs: A la Carte options (i.e. iIinerary only, Lodging only, etc) range from $20-$40 Combos (i.e. Flight+Lodging, Lodging+Itinerary, etc) range from $30-$50 Full packages have either hourly or flat rates, but can range from $40-$150 (max) Add-ons to a la carte and combos range from $10-$15 Payment plans range from $10-$50 (flat fee determined by price financed) Deposits are required to reserve your services. Deposits are non-refundable, but can be transferred to another trip in the case of changes/cancellations.
  • Why is there a 4% fee added to invoices?
    This fee is to cover PayPal processing fees. In an ideal world, this fee would not exist. But PayPal has to get their money somehow, I suppose. Sadly, it is out of my control at this time.
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