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Dunes Creek Falls Hike

📍Where in the world is Déja? 🌎✨ — Helen, Georgia 🇺🇸

Y’all know I love the outdoors lollll. So today we took a short hike down to Dunes Creek Falls to see the beautiful 150 foot tall drop. Dunes Creek is in North Georgia, about 1.5hrs NE of Atlanta. The hike down was a little over a mile and took less than an hour to get to the falls viewpoint. Hiking back up was a bit more challenging, since it was all uphill, but was still easy. The path was clear and it was very easy to follow without a guide. Plus, it was easily completed with proper social distancing!! The falls were literally so beautiful and serene. I read online that you aren’t supposed to swim in the falls, but we def saw people down there lol. Overall, it was a great day trip for the family (kids included), an easy hike, and a great place for photos. Would def recommend! — Have you ever seen any of the waterfalls in Georgia?

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