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Cerra de la Cruz Hike

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

📍Where in the world is Déja? 🌎✨ — Antigua, Guatemala 🇬🇹

HAPPY EARTH DAY! Highlighting a couple beautifulllllll sites in nature I’ve been able to travel (well, really hike) to see. Here are views from the top of Cerra de la Cruz in Antigua. The hike wasn’t super long, nor hard. But it was hotttt and A LOT of steps, so I’m glad I brought some water. I didn’t use a tour guide for this hike, and I don’t think you need one. The route was easy to follow because the steps pretty much only went one way. Once you get to the top, there are locals selling snacks and souvenirs — definitely recommend supporting the local economy by buying there! Overall, the views were bomb and the hike was worth it. Swipe left to hear me breathing hella heavy because I hate steps and avoid them all the time lolllllll

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