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Chicken Buses??

📍Where in the world is Déja? 🌎✨ — Antigua, Guatemala 🇬🇹

Have you ever heard of a Chicken Bus? If not, Google it lol! Chicken buses (which got their name because they are actually used by locals to transport chickens) are very colorfully decorated old school buses — swipe left to see different designs. In Guatemala (and many other Central American countries), chicken buses are used for public transportation and extremely popular among local... not so much by tourists. In fact, I even read that as a tourist visiting Guate, I should NOT get on a chicken bus because they are very dangerous. This is for two reasons: 1) there have been stories of the drivers getting shot and then leading the entire buses off cliffs — I personally didn’t experience anything REMOTELY CLOSE to violence while there solo, but I did do my research and stayed very vigilant during the trip; and 2) because the drivers drive veryyy fast around curves and up/down steep hills in the country. There are no seatbelts, but boy did I kinda wish there was one hahaha. It was kinda like a rollercoaster and transportation all in one lmao. I wish I got this on video... but the coolest thing is that locals actually climb on the ladders behind the busses while they are going full speed to put bags/buckets of goods on top so they don’t take up space on the bus. I was scared for them lol, but they were unbothered. — Have you ever seen a chicken bus before? Ever rode one?

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