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Now Accepting New Clients!! (sorta) — Info Inside

Updated: Jun 4, 2022

I know I promised you guys an update on June 1st… but then my American flight was delayed like 4hrs and I was traveling all day and it was just a mess. So I’m late with this update, but please blame weather in Miami/American Airlines, and not my heart okay 🥺

But for real though, shoutout to all of my new subscribers (especially y’all here from TikTok!) Definitely appreciate you all and hope you check out some of my favorite blog posts (Guide to Flying Spirit, Never Wait Long in US Customs Again, and I Almost Went to Jail in Cancun). Really, you should check out all of my blog posts, but at least start with those haha. & I’m sure you’re reading this like “okay Deja, get to the point” and I promise it’s coming. Just had to give myself a little plug first ya know. Gotta be my own hype man 🤣

Now the thing some of you are waiting for is…. My books are opening for new clients!! (well, sorta). As of two weeks ago, I stopped accepting new clients because I reached maximum capacity. I want to give all of my clients great experiences, but I’m only one person 😭 so I can only do so much. But I’ve had some of you reach out wanting to know when I would be opening my books again… & All that’s to say, I will be accepting 10 new clients this week (and only my subscribers will know about it!!)

Now here’s the catch, I’m not able to accommodate any full packages right now unfortunately. But I will be accepting 10 new Trip Selection Sheet clients looking to travel between August-December 2022 ONLY.

For those of you who do not know, my trip selection sheets look like this:

They are custom created for EACH CLIENT based on your budget, destination preferences, and activity wants. They can come on their own (meaning I provide the sheet and you book everything) or with stress free booking (you let me know your decisions and I book on your behalf). They are best for clients who are partially open/flexible to destination, dates, or both (but that is not a necessity). But even if you know when you want to travel or where you want to go, these are good to see your potential options for an all-encompassing trip (flights, lodging, transfers, & activities/excursions). These sheets will be created on/near a date agreed upon between us. Note: the sheet should not — by any means — be created BEFORE you are ready to swipe your card for flights!! Meaning, if you’ll be ready to purchase your flights on 7/1, don’t request your sheet be created any earlier than that.

Alas, here is the link to get started. You’ll fill out a special assessment form that has most info you need from me (including pricing!!) and that I need from you. This form will be open from June 3rd 2022 12PM EST-June 5th 2022 12PM EST (so don’t procrastinate)! These Trip Selection Sheets will not require a consultation call, so be as detailed as possible in your form please. Once the form closes, I will review all entries and reach out to the 10 of you who are selected and ready to reserve your spot (aka $$). It is not a first come, first serve situation (because I know y’all have lives and might not even be awake right now to read this/might be busy working at noon on a Friday), but once the form closes, that’s a wrap for this round.

Anyways, I look forward to getting to work with you guys and helping to plan a memory filled travel experience! And hopefully I will be expanding my team soon to help curate even more memories with even more clients.

Ciao for now,

DejaTheExplorer ✨

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