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Frontier Go Wild! Pass Summer Trip Recap

Here is a recap of each trip I took that was specifically enabled by the Frontier Go Wild! Pass. As you’ll see, it was a combination of solo, bestie, work, and family trips. For each of the solo trips, I’ll also put a few major highlights of what I did in each place. I may put together some travel guides to these places if you guys are interested, so let me know. Beyond just focusing on seeing new states, I also wanted to spend time with friends that I don't live near - so the bestie trips were some of my faves.

In each new state I visited (denoted by a bold *), I made it my goal to do two things: 1) see a museum or something related to the place I was in, and 2) do a Black-Owned Experience or eat at a Black-Owned restaurant. I will highlight those as well :) Click on the dropdown arrow to expand each trip activity highlights.

San Juan, PR (Day Trip) — Solo Trip

*Boston, MA — Solo Trip

*Sioux Falls, SD — Solo Trip

Washington, DC — Celebrationnnnn

St. Louis, MO — Besties Trip

*Seattle, WA — Sibling Trip

New Brunswick, NJ — Work Trip

*Charleston, SC — Solo Trip

Tunica, MS — Family Trip

*Denver, CO — Solo Trip

*Cheyenne, WY — Solo Trip

*Portland, OR — Besties Trip

*Providence, RI — Solo Trip

*New Haven / Hartford, CT — Solo Trip

Washington, DC — Besties Trip

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That's 15 total trips this summer that were enabled by the Frontier Go Wild! Pass. That means that either the departure or return flight (or both) was secured using the pass. This summer was going to be a busy one regardless because I already had international trips to Senegal, Europe, Cancun, and Fiji on the books. More international trips came forward as I was able to do Aruba, St. Maarten, and Nicaragua too. That was at least one international trip per month from May-September. And then when you add on the freedom to see what the Summer Pass had to offer, the world was my oyster for sure (plus the fact that I rarely paid for carry-ons because me and my Takeoff Luggage personal item were OUTSIDEEEEE). Now I did get creative on some of these, and that was necessary due to some of the points I mentioned in my Go Wild! Pass Questions post; I'll put a couple examples below.

Frontier doesn't fly directly to Providence, Rhode Island. However, they fly to Boston. So for my trip to RI, I flew to Boston then took a $6 Amtrak train down to RI. The bus from the Boston Airport to the Amtrak station was free too, so that was a very simple and cheap transfer. Love to see it. Now, on the way back, the Boston flight I wanted was NOT available. Luckily for me, I had already known that BOS-MCO was a popular route with limited Go Wild! Pass availability on Sundays so I had a backup plan. To get back, I actually flew from Hartford, CT. I could have been upset/annoyed at the lack of availability -- but instead, I used this as an opportunity to see another state. So, I booked a $20 Amtrak ticket from Providence and got to explore both New Haven and Hartford before heading back to Orlando. Just think, if I wasn't willing to take that $6 train, I wouldn't have even been able to see RI or CT!

Another example is when I planned to fly from SEA-DEN-JAX on a Sunday night. I look back and laugh at myself for ever thinking this would be possible based on what I know now about the pass - but alas. I realized that the SEA-DEN portion of the trip was NOT available for Sunday. So I looked for Monday too and still nothing. Then I looked for SEA-LAS for Sunday - no dice. Finally, I found that the SEA-LAS for Monday night at 10pm had availability, so I booked it. The downside, though, was the flights from LAS-MCO or LAS-TPA that I would have needed to get home both left less than an hour before I was set to land in LAS from SEA (ie: I landed around 1am and those flights left at 12:20am). Ugh, so now I could get to Vegas, but couldn't get home. What did I do instead? I made the most out of it! I booked a flight for the next evening and ended up having a full 22-hour layover in Vegas. I didn't think of it as a long layover though, instead I thought of it as a two-destination trip. I booked my hotel in Vegas, hit up some of the casinos, went to the pool/day party the next day, walked around the strip, and more. Then I went home (kinda lol). I technically went to Philly which was my next destination (originally I planned to go home then to Philly). But That's what I mean by flexibility, and this pass greatly strengthened my ability to have flexible travel plans lol.

I'm going to be doing a TikTok series with footage from all of my trips in the coming weeks, so follow me on Tiktok @DejaTheExplorer if you don't already.

And as always, let me know if you have any questions for me on the pass.

Ciao for now,

DejaTheExplorer ✨

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