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Ostrich Farm (Curacao)

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

📍Where in the world is Déja? 🌎✨ — Willemstad, Curaçao 🇨🇼

I’ll be honest, animals aren’t really my thing... But I heard the Ostrich Farm was a must-see in Curaçao, so of course I put it on my list anyway. The tour of the farm was extremely informative (and included in the admission — y’all know I loveeee the deals). Me and @brucerants were the only two that spoke English, so the guide gave it to everyone else in Dutch and us in English lollllll. I learned the difference between an Emu and an Ostrich, and got to feed a baby ostrich (swipe left to see). I also stood on an ostrich egg because it can hold up to 300+ lbs without breaking, WOW! — Do you know the difference between an ostrich and emu? Comment below!

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